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Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 10:48:29 PST

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    > > Here is some more background on "One-Handed Typing Devices":
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    When I was in college I worked in the computer lab. We had a slightly
    different definition of "one handed typing". We would regularly eject
    students engaged in one handed typing. They were usually MUDders or IRC
    addicts and they were very skilled at typing one handed on a full size
    keyboard. The problem was their other hand... it was not on the mouse!

    Is there anyone else on the list who has seen this sort of thing?

    We would regularly ask students to leave after 24 hour+ MUD or IRC
    sessions. (without a bath they started to stink)

    There has been a bunch of bad press recently about "Internet Addiction".
    Most of that seems to be a bunch of media hype but there are some
    cases out there where the lines between cyberspace and realspace are

    Years later I learned that one of my supervisors was a MUD addict. I
    spent some time with him trying to learn what was so compelling that he
    would spend 4+ hours every day at work MUDding. For him it was part of
    his reality.

    Its an interesting topic. We considered them freakish back 1993. Years
    from now it might be perfectly normal to spend the majority of your day
    interacting with others in cyberspace. (in realtime, not email or web)

    I would be interested in hearing any of your thoughts here via the list.

    Jon Winters

    "Everybody loves the GIMP!"

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