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Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 09:04:27 PST

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    > Here is some more background on "One-Handed Typing Devices":

    I tried the BAT keyboard a few years ago and returned it. What I wanted, and
    told them I wanted but they didn't pick up on it, is what I call a TYPEWRITER

    A Typewriter Glove would slip on one hand. The hand could be in any position,
    such as resting lightly on one's stomach while lying down, or in one's lap
    while sitting. Sensors in the joints of the glove would input to the
    computer, and a simple combination of finger positions could easily represent
    more than the entire ASCII key set and all abbreviations. It would be
    somewhat like signing (using sign language) and could even be patterned
    similarly. I do not know sign language, so cannot speak for that.

    I have tried to give this idea away. I don't know why no one has picked up on
    With a Typewriter Glove, there would be no carpal tunnel syndrome, no stress
    to hold the hand, wrist and arm in a fixed position. You could type with the
    hand or arm in any position, as long as your hand is in the glove.

    Any takers?

    Jim Morrissett
    760 751 0188

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