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From: Neil Scott (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 17:55:59 PST

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    From: Neil Scott <>

    > Do tell -- what are the principles that govern quick fingering??

    1. Using the thumb on the back of the neck and pivoting the hand in a
    plane parallel with the plane of the keyboard to "absorb" differences in
    the reach of the fingers when pressing on different sides of the

    2. keeping one finger on the keyboard as a reference/pivot point during
    changes from one chord to another.

    3. Stretching the reach of your fingers over at least four or five frets

    4. practice

    5. practice...

    I look forward to some jam sessions to break in your new guitar...


    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > From: Eric Armstrong <>
    > Neil Scott wrote:
    > > We are evaluating a number of different schemes to develop free-space
    > > chordic keyboards. I checked out the Twiddler several years ago and
    > > rejected it as an ergonomic disaster. I play guitar and the Twiddler
    > > violates all that I have learned about how to finger quickly.
    > Lovely synopsis.
    > Do tell -- what are the principles that govern quick fingering??
    > [Aside: I just picked up a new guitar -- I've finally given up the
    > bouzouki, based on
    > ergonomics and bottom end sound, and I've gone back to the good ol'
    > gitar.]
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