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Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 21:12:03 PST

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    From: Jon Winters <>

    Neil Scott wrote:

    > looked at emg signals as a possible source of inputs but it is difficult
    > to separate the wanted signals from the noise.
    > more about the human movements, we plan to take another look at
    > electrical signals (EMG) and video pickup.

    I've seen a documentary or too with the USAF working on a system that
    allows for a pilot to 'fly by thought' in a simulator. Things seemed to
    be in a very research and development mode and they stressed that a
    great amount of training is involved.

    Do you we will see a practical thought input device during my lifetime?
    I can think of many different situations where this would come in
    handy. (wearable computers, workplace environments that need both
    hands, people with disabilities) Seems like it would also solve problems
    like repetitive stress and tendon injuries.

    Will Moore's law and faster computers help overcome the signal to noise
    My wife would appriciate me 'thinking' commands into my computer... it
    makes a lot less noise than a keyboard or voice recognition.

    Jon Winters

    "Everybody Loves The GIMP!"

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