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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 15:01:59 PDT

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    Sun is working on a similar solution. The project is called "Adelard",
    and the concept is called "data binding". At, there is another
    solution called Quick. It uses its own schema at the moment, but could
    be revised to use others. That's and interesting model because, instead
    of compiling a schema to make classes that contain XML-aware code,
    the XML-awareness stays separate. That lets him use it with existing

    As I say, its an interesting approach, but there is little to no usable
    explanation on the web site. I got that information from a phone
    conversation. The author is very pleasant, and I suspect his approach
    is reasonable, but sheer inability to communicate it is going to limit
    its acceptance.

    Jack Park wrote:

    > My experience in developing programs using XML is that there is quite
    > a bit
    > of coding necessary to satisfy a particular DTD. I believe that IBM
    > has a
    > set of Java beans that will take a DTD and write Java classes to
    > handle all
    > the elements. That's been the key, in my experience: there needs to
    > be code
    > to handle specific elements of a DTD. I do not yet know what will be
    > the
    > case for XML schemas. I suspect that the case is a bit simpler with
    > RDF,
    > since you really only have a couple of generic elements, and resources
    > --
    > perhaps one size fits all.
    > Jack Park
    > \From: Eric Armstrong <>
    > > A fascinating look at some of the limitations of XML.
    > > The discussion of MathML was *actually* done is quite
    > > fascinating, along with a similar business example.
    > > It shows that even "XML" data may in fact require
    > > proprietary engines to do the processing.
    > >
    > > We'll have to keep the MathML model in mind, *just in
    > > case* XML by itself doesn't get us where we need to go...
    > >
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    > > For those that haven't seen this, I thought it
    > > was quite interesting:
    > >
    > >
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    > > Philip
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