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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 07:53:02 PDT

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    My experience in developing programs using XML is that there is quite a bit
    of coding necessary to satisfy a particular DTD. I believe that IBM has a
    set of Java beans that will take a DTD and write Java classes to handle all
    the elements. That's been the key, in my experience: there needs to be code
    to handle specific elements of a DTD. I do not yet know what will be the
    case for XML schemas. I suspect that the case is a bit simpler with RDF,
    since you really only have a couple of generic elements, and resources --
    perhaps one size fits all.

    Jack Park

    \From: Eric Armstrong <>
    > A fascinating look at some of the limitations of XML.
    > The discussion of MathML was *actually* done is quite
    > fascinating, along with a similar business example.
    > It shows that even "XML" data may in fact require
    > proprietary engines to do the processing.
    > We'll have to keep the MathML model in mind, *just in
    > case* XML by itself doesn't get us where we need to go...
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    > Subject: Tepid water ...
    > Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 17:28:56 -0800
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    > For those that haven't seen this, I thought it
    > was quite interesting:
    > Philip

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