[unrev-II] Nanocompilers, Quantum Dots, and Nonlinear Optics

From: Jon Winters (winters@obscurasite.com)
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 12:21:01 PDT

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    Found this on Ars Technica today...

    Nanocompilers, quantum dots and nonlinear optics

    Posted 04/04/2000 - 3:34am EST
    A few days ago, I posted Ars' first Audience Participation questions on
    the topic of quantum dots and nonlinear optics. I got a boatload of
    excellent responses, and I've compiled some of them for your perusal.
    Also, our recent April Fools article on nanocompilers generated a lot of
    questions, so as a bonus, we've included information on those too. This is
    the first of what will become a regular (albeit randomly occurring)
    feature that brings the immense scientific and technical expertise of Ars'
    readers to bear on some current issue or set of issues.

    The beauty of quantum dots is that they provide a possible solution to one
    problem (of the many) facing the development of nanotechnology, namely,
    the "Interconnect Problem," which deals with how to provide a feasible
    means to control the I/O in such a densely packed computational structure.
    Quite obviously, if you can eliminate the need for traditional physical
    "wiring" in a nanostructure, the space required to accommodate the large
    number of connections can be significantly reduced, resulting in.... well,
    smaller nanotechnology

    Our readers, many of them scientists and researchers in optics, nanotech,
    physics, and other related fields, talk both theory and application. If
    you're at all into sci-tech stuff, you won't want to miss this. -Hannibal

    If you haven't seen it before Ars Technica is one cool site. Its been on
    my daily "must read" list for quite some time now.


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