[unrev-II] Categorizing

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 21:27:29 PDT

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    A single praragraph contains a design note,
    a business model, and a feature requirement.
    It was originally offered in a single
    category, or with none at all.

    It must be possible to assign the categories
    retroactively. The node must either be broken up
    into pieces to do that, or a node must have the
    ability to belong to multiple categories.

    That tends to imply that categories are *lists*
    rather than attributes of a node. (It is either
    a list of attributes in the node, or an external
    list which has the node as a member.)

    When I recategorize (additionally categorize) a
    node, the revisions I made to the category list
    don't necessarily exist as a separate "document",
    yet the changes I make need to be transmitted
    to others (assuming a distributed email model or
    a client-copy/server-copy model).

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