Re: [unrev-II] Combined-Response Messages

From: Rod Welch (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 21:30:16 PDT

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    Good point. My position my be conflicted. I want the ability to choose whether
    to maintain a prior version and/or to delete it at any time, which is possible
    now. I can write up an explanation of changes, the authority and rationale for
    same, and can plan disposition of any version, linked to relevant parts of a
    document. Backup provides the ability to retrieve a deleted version, if it
    should later turn out to be useful for something. The record of work performed
    provides an audit trail to any version, why it was created and what happened to
    it. Possibly this is close to what you have in mind, but not sure.


    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > I don't see how it's possible to become "overwhelmed"
    > with different versions if the new version replaces
    > the old.
    > The archive acts like a magazine bookshelf. The
    > librarian replaces the old version of the magazine
    > with the new version. When you reach for the magazine,
    > you get the latest version.
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