Re: [unrev-II] Eric's Summary [edited]

Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 05:40:41 PDT

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    Short Description:

    This augments human acquisition, management and use of knowledge. The
    elements are:
    1, the Dynamic Knowledge Repository,
    2. the Open HyperDocument System,
    3. cooperative participants in the knowledge acquisition and processing

    Together, the DKR and OHS provide a tool to evolve data into knowledge
    by collaborative interaction in a shared information space.


    I am continuing work on the DKR Specification at

    Thanks for the comments on the picture and my presentation.

    Again, the goal of this page is to work on one of the Unfinished
    Revolution Priorities, Immediate Priorities: Write a DKR Specification.

    I will immediately incorporate the lic paragraphs suggested by Eric.

    Thank You All and Best Regards,

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