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Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 08:58:38 PDT

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    In response to Lee's use case example, and his request for other

    Use Case for Picture

    Installing and Using the DKR.

    1. Name this DKR. Establish the 'namespace' of this DKR. the first set
    of 8 characters of this DKR name is provided by you, the DKR
    administrator. The second set of eight characters is supplied by
    bootstrap alliance. Together they form a string that uniquely identifies
    this DKR and allows interface with other DKR installations.

    2. Define the DKR GOAL.
    Each DKR Goal, or Problem, is a separate information item. Each entry
    describes. to the best of the user's current understanding, the purpose
    of this DKR. An example DKR goal is; "Eliminate World Hunger". Another
    is: "Identify ways to improve the DKR/OHS interface".

    You can choose the title for this group of entries, either Goal, or
    Problem, or whatever you feel will serve to focus the efforts of
    contributors at the purpose of this DKR,

    3. Define the main content structures. For this example, the categories
    are Level 1: Experience, Level 2: Learning, and Level 3 Knowledge. While
    there can be any number of content structures, the astract naming in
    this example assumes that information will progress thru these
    structures with progressively greater detail and refinement, from
    Experience to Learning, to Knowledge.

    For the general case, there can be any number of levels, any number of
    categories in each level, and any number of items in each category.

    Implict in the DKR definition is that content is somehow more focused on
    a goal as the level increases. In this example, Experience is the level
    at which real life facts and observations are gathered and entered into
    the repository. These individual data items are deliberated by the
    participants and organized into cohesive lessons then moved to Learning.
    Each Learning item proves or supports one Knowledge item, which is
    linked to a DKR Goal.

    4. Load the Knowledge category. Enter a separate informaton item for
    each descrete fact known about the goal. These should be the few core
    'facts' presently 'known' about the goal.

    5. Load the Learning category. Each Learning information item is a
    structured proof or explanation of one Knowledge item. While there may
    be more than one Learning item for each informaton item, each is linked
    to and supports only one associated Knowledge item.

    At this stage the repository is ready for general use. You should be
    able to view the DKR node map and see the relationships between Goals,
    Knowledge, and Learning.

    6. Load the user base. This consists of the list of users available to

    7. Begin operation by requesting improvement to Knowledge and Learning
    items in relation to achieving the DKR Goal(s). In this model, the
    information flow is that opinions and evidence would be submitted to the
    Experience category for discussion, then as appropriate, integrated into
    the Learning and Knowledge categories.

    As new information items are created, you should be able to view the DKR
    node map and see the relationship of each item with respect to other
    Goals, Knowledge, Learning, and Experience items.

    8. When sufficient Knowledge is available to actually take action to
    solve the problem, then the action (exhibition of Wisdom in this
    example) is taken and the results are recorded. These results are
    entered info the repository as Experience, to be deliberated upon and
    incorporated into further refinements of Learning and Knowledge items.


    Thanks and Best Regards, Joe D Williams

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