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From: Jon Winters (winters@obscurasite.com)
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 14:59:28 PDT

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    I found an interesting article about IBM's adventures using XML in a
    production environment on a web site that gets millions of hits every

    XML at ibm.com
    Maciej Wisniewski and Doug Tidwell, IBM
    March 2000

    IBMs home page (see Resources) is our front door to the Internet world. As
    part of our continuous effort to maintain a state-of-the-art Web site, we
    have begun using XML in a production environment. Using XML in a large
    commercial site is complicated by the lack of XML support in the browsers
    used by the Web community, a lack of tools, and the slow development of
    Web standards. We use a variety of XML-related technologies, including
    XSL, XML Fragments, XLinks, and XPointers. We discuss the prototypes we
    built, the lessons weve learned, and our wish list for the future.


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