Re: [unrev-II] WBI cross platform?

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 17:54:45 PDT

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    Most of the problems we've had with running WBI under Linux have been due to the

    JVM. My first guess would be that the JDK 1.2 that you are using has some bugs.

    We have successfully run WBI under the following configurations:
    Stampede Linux 0.89 using JDK1.1.6 from Blackdown
    (I used the glibc-based version;
    JDK1.1.7 did not work when I tried it in March;
    JDK1.2 was also very buggy at the time)
    Red Hat Linux 6.0 using JDK1.1.7 v3 from Blackdown
    (again using the glibc-based version)
    Red Hat Linux 6.0 using JDK1.1.6 from IBM

    The Blackdown JDK can be downloaded from and the IBM
    JDK can be downloaded from

    Please try using one of these earlier (and hopefully more reliable) JVMs and let

    us know how it works out.

    Rob Barrett
    IBM Almaden Research Center

    Jack Park wrote:

    > WBI, at least on the one I installed, uses a dll for something. WBI is not
    > without its problems in relation to our project. For the moment, at least
    > some of us are developing with it as a means to assist Doug in an
    > exploration of the technology.
    > In the long run, something along the lines of IBM's DirectDom (weblet) may
    > allow us to mangle the document without the use of XSL of other transform
    > engine. The Enhydra server appears to allow for the same manipulation of the
    > document as DirectDom does, and there is a new initiative called JDom from
    > Jason Hunter et al -- I suspect it is to be presented in a new O'Rielly book
    > on Java and XML coming soon. In short, the whole idea of transcoding is to
    > take the document object model containing some document's information and
    > mutate it to suit. XSL does this by using re-write productions (rules).
    > I suspect IBM will soon have to have a Linux version, if they don't already.
    > From: Jon Winters <>
    > >
    > > Hi,
    > >
    > > I am at the alphaworks site now looking for a copy of WBI and I only see
    > > versions for Windows 95/NT and OS/2.
    > >
    > > Is there a Linux or possibly Java version? Am I looking in the wrong
    > > place.
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