Re: [unrev-II] XML at IBM...

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 15:33:37 PDT

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    Possibly, but you didn't get that XML from the site.
    The XML you mention can't be validated, because there
    is no limit on the element tags. You want to encode
    the DKRid as an attribute, not as string. Giving you
    something like:
      <node DKRid="...">content</node>

    Where "node" might also be <body> or one of the other
    element tags identified in the article. Those are all
    encoding issues, though, that are solvable when we get
    to that point. wrote:
    > Eric,
    > Please notice that this structure uses
    > the same information item (atomic element) definition we have been
    > discussing.
    > The fundamental information item is:
    > <DKRid attr1='string"...>content</DKRid>
    > where DKRid is something the DKR assigns to the item; there can be any
    > number of attribute-value pairs to describe evolution and properties
    > of
    > the content; and content can be text or an information item. If there
    > is no content, then the item is:
    > <DTDid attr1='string' ... />
    > This should look familiar as it is the fundamental XML definition.
    > Open
    > source XML processors can parse and transform this syntax to any
    > desired
    > presentation. The DOM model, working inside the DKR gives us access to
    > attributes and content. Any special access or features we need that
    > are
    > not open source can be built by custom C++, ECMAScript, Java, Perl,
    > Python, or whatever to get us going.
    > Best Regards,
    > Joe
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