Re: [unrev-II] Re: Towards an atomic data structure

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 14:32:34 PDT

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    Sandy Klausner wrote:
    > ... As processing requirements become more sophisticated, new ways of
    > managing this complexity need to be developed. One possible solution
    > is to move to a "clear document model." This model separates concerns
    > by parsing the clear text from the markup information.
    > ^^^^^^^
    I think you mean "separating".
    > The clear text
    > is parsed into a collection of linked character nodes, while one or
    > more composite structure processors maintain position and range links
    > into the clear text collection. Each processor may have specialized
    > behavior to analyze and hold semantic information on format,
    > organization, navigation, narrative, reference, graphic control,
    > publication, and filters.
    Can you give a short example that shows one or more of these, and how
    they would work together? What are narrative, reference, and graphic
    control semantic information, anyway? What happens when you change one
    set of external links? For example if you change the organization, what
    happens to to the others?

    > The model must be able to allow clear text editing while
    > automatically maintaining the processor links!! into
    > the clear text collection.
    How can that be done? How does the system know when I add a new word
    whether it is part of a heading or the paragraph that follows it. Or
    whether it is inside or outside of a bolded section. There must be
    dozens of "end points" for which the proper location for an insertion is

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