Re: [unrev-II] WebLog Candidates

From: Jon Winters (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 20:23:43 PDT

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    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > Those candidates were:
    > * SlashDot (Apache, Perl, MySQL)

    Slashdot is my favorite web site and the slash engine is proven it can
    scale to handle very heavy loads. The project is open source.

    > * PHP/SlashDot (Apache, PHP, MySQL)

    I haven't investigated it but PHP is very popular.

    > * Zope (Python, MySQL)

    I like python... I've had good luck with all the Python programs that I
    am currently using. I think squishdot is a slashdot clone written in

    > * ArsDigita (Tcl, AolServer, Oracle)

    Much respect to Phillip Greenspun and the Ars stuff. is
    another one of my favorite sites.

    Jon Winters

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