[unrev-II] WebLog Candidates

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 14:31:35 PDT

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    At yesterday's meeting, Lee Iverson gave a short
    report on the concept of "WebLog" software, as
    exemplified by the SlashDot website.

    Lee mentioned that he had installed SlashDot, and
    that it was a horrific process. He also mentioned
    that it was bulletproof, once installed, and that
    the WebLog concept, in general, would provide us
    with a much more reasonable medium to track our
    thoughts than an email archive -- with the added
    benefit that we might choose to extend the system
    we install, or at the very least reuse the information
    stored in the database repository, rather than
    having it sit in a virtually inaccessible email
    archive. (SlashDot allows for adding comments,
    evaluating comments, and evaluating the evaluators
    --which affects the weighting of their evaluations.)

    In all, he identified 4 possible candidates for
    our use, most of which also came highly recommended
    by Paul Fernhout in an earlier message.

    Those candidates were:
      * SlashDot (Apache, Perl, MySQL)
      * PHP/SlashDot (Apache, PHP, MySQL)
      * Zope (Python, MySQL)
      * ArsDigita (Tcl, AolServer, Oracle)

    One of this systems includes a Wiki-style collaborative
    document system. Another possibility is to use WikiS
    (the Squeak-based version) in conjunction with a WebLog,
    to get the best possible combination of threaded discussions
    and documents that summarize them.

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