Re: [unrev-II] Re: Towards an atomic data structure (Somuthinghappened on the way to the forum)

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 04:24:02 PDT

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    > Henry van Eyken wrote:
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    > >
    > > interpreter that knows its priority
    > >
    > I read it and it's interesting.
    > But refresh my memory, so to speak:
    > What is its relevance to an atomic data structure?


    Actually, I was responding to Gil's quoting Weick ("How can I know
    what I think until I hear what I say?" ). Now, I would have done so
    privately were it not that I sense that some outdated or overturned
    psychology and linguistics may have crept into our debates. To be
    honest, I have not been able to keep up with all the posts and
    risk shooting from the hip.

    I am just rather desparately trying to do my part of the job (the
    site, the transcripts) while continually trying to keep up with
    (and try to verify when that seems called for) . One thing that
    somehow needs doing is to provide some sort of "mental access" into
    the debate for newcomers and those who have lost their way. This may
    well become a problem for users of DKRs and hence a design problem to
    be tackled as well (if you haven't already given this thought).

    On a more personal note, I regret the way I first posted in the
    "Atomic structure thread." I should have allowed myself more time to
    read the whole thread before reacting the way I did. But then again,
    am between a rock and a hard place for my life - what with family
    concerns, etc, - hardly permits me to be always careful. To be sure,
    am a tremendous admirer of your talent and knowledge, and of that of
    others, and I certainly do not wish to throw superfluous verbage
    around. Judgment can be so chancey.

    Please accept my apologies if I sometimes go off the beam.


    P.S. This message was mailed yesterday and returned because
    "Connection timed out with" Then again more half an
    hour ago and had still not arrived. This time it goes straight to
    unrev-II. Hope you won't see it twice.
    All of which kind of puts things out of sync and thereby
    misunderstandings. H.

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