Re: [unrev-II] Moving beyond the web...

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 14:03:46 PDT

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    Jon Winters wrote:
    > In addition to everything else we have been beating about I would like
    > to suggest that we consider a move away from a centralized server and a
    > move in the direction of "every client is a server too"
    That is my preferred approach.

    > Two other open source projects that I'm using have this model and it
    > is very exciting. Gnutella and OpenVerse...(Guntella is an emerging
    > protocol that we might want to look at)
    Given the multiple server model, I suspect that the term "protocol" is
    accurate. And that makes it exciting, because the existence of a
    standard protocol will allow different systems running different
    software to interact. And *that* will build an industry.

    I plan to look at this one very carefully...

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