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From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 14:48:06 PDT

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    It is worth considering such a move. But, there should, in the case of a
    DKR, be a central repository to which all the scattered nodes synch
    periodically. Remember, we're not about sharing files; rather we are about
    sharing knowledge. Knowledge accretion is a community effort that cannot
    stop when somebody is offline for one reason or another.

    From: Jon Winters <>

    > In addition to everything else we have been beating about I would like to
    > suggest that we consider a move away from a centralized server and a move
    > in the direction of "every client is a server too"
    > Two other open source projects that I'm using have this model and it is
    > very exciting. Gnutella and OpenVerse. The Gnutella site does a good job
    > of explaining how it works. (Guntella is an emerging protocol that we
    > might want to look at)
    > Even if we don't use it the project is interesting to look at. Check the
    > "about" info here:
    > OpenVerse is another project that combines the client and server:
    > It shipps with the server turned off but its easy enough for folks to
    > configure and activate.
    > Both of theese projects are also developed and maintained by folks who
    > have not quit their day jobs. (or in some cases, not old enough to have a
    > day job) Gnutella was started by some folks from Nullsoft an AOL owned
    > company. None of the original developers are working on the Gnutella
    > project.
    > OpenVerse was started by a dude who read about a fictional online
    > environment in a book, Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson. This guy liked the
    > idea so much that he set out to develop it and turn science fiction into
    > reality.
    > I've finished building my new powerhouse dual processor linux box and I'll
    > be launching a couple of OpenVerse rooms soon. (possibly tonight) One of
    > them will be an Unrev Lounge to meet and discuss things in a less formal
    > environment. I'll let you know when its up and running.
    > Cheers!

    It's Easy. It's Fun. Best of All, it's Free!

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