[unrev-II] Gnutella Notes

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 14:50:39 PDT

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    From their main page and FAQ, under "I need help":

    "When you say to GnutellaNet, "Hey, find strawberry-rhubarb pie
    recipes.", you are actually saying, "Hey,my close friends, could you
    tell me if you've seen any recipes for strawberry-rhubarb pie? And while
    you're at it, ask your close friends too. And ask them to ask their
    friends." After just a few rounds of this, you've got a lot of friends
    working on finding that recipe! And, it's pretty much impossible for any
    one person to know who asked the question in the first place. Two
    beautiful things about Gnutella.

    "If all goes well and development of Gnutella continues you should see
    the source code during the 1.0 release. The source code has not been
    released yet and we are unsure at this time if it will ever be released,
    due to AOL locking it in a closet underneath a large pile of Time
    Warner's dirty laundry. [It's a protocol, though, so we may not mind
    that. But it does create a risk.]

    "There is a Java version that is reported to work nicely under MacOS.

    "GnutellaNet is used only for exchanging servant messages and performing
    searches. The actual transfer is done directly between servants via

    "In the interest of protecting those involved, it can only be said that
    ... versions are being produced by someone with access to the source
    code. No, of course they're not official in the gnullsoft sense, but
    they do come from a trusted source. I would certainly expect more
    versions, since we've already seen several materialize. [Hmmm...]

    "There are no servers...If you want to be part of the network, download
    the Gnutella application, and fire away.

    You have a voice mail message waiting for you at iHello.com:

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