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From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 18:14:32 PDT

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    With the exception of enthusiasm for Zope (though, in theory, I like what it
    is trying to do), I agree with your take on SlashDot as a tool.


    From: Lee Iverson <>
    > In message <>,
    Eugene Er
    > ic Kim writes:
    > >On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > >
    > >> * At yesterday's meeting, the thought surfaced that we need
    > >> to know what the other systems provide in the way of
    > >> evaluation capabilities, for comparison with SlashDot.
    > >
    > >My personal opinion is that none of these systems are better than
    > >using e-mail for communication and the web for archiving, summarizing,
    > >distributing.
    > I respectfully disagree. In my opinion:
    > o The emphasis around structuring discussion on highly focused
    > "articles" is a win.
    > o The fact that I can selectively turn off certain subject categories
    > is a win.
    > o The ability to heavily customize the site based on your own
    > preferences is a win.
    > o The ability to lighten the load on my mailbox is a win.
    > o The fact that they are just as open to outside observers as members
    > is a win.
    > o The fact that they are based on open source technologies (and are
    > thus significantly more adaptable than most people's mail reading
    > environments) is a win.
    > o The fact that with a Zope based WebLog environment (Squishdot) we
    > may have a simple way to leverage the weblog into full-scale DKR
    > relatively quickly is a win.
    > I think you see where I'm coming from. And in any case, I've been
    > playing around with Zope and Squishdot on my machine at home and I
    > think I can in all honesty say that I like it. A lot. And there are
    > already simple collaboration tools that we can bring together on the
    > main WebLog that may make our life somewhat easier.
    > >This list is already archived on the web. (By the way, does anyone have
    > >working username/password? The username/password I have doesn't seem to
    > >work anymore.) Many people on this list have personal web sites. If you
    > >have long documents, such as the DKR that Eric was manually maintaining,
    > >put it on the web, and just e-mail the list with a brief note saying that
    > >a revised version is available.
    > I'm finding this rather inadequate. And the fact that login to the
    > list is not automatically managed is a big loss.
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