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From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 15:36:55 PDT

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    My office mate at Sun has been working on an information-
    sharing utility for some time. He got so far as
    implementing a better PHP-like language based on TCL
    that allows embedding HTML within the commands, within
    which TCL commands can be embedded, within which... etc.

    Apparently PHP (which can add command strings to HTML)
    does not have that capability, which makes his
    contraption quite a bit better. He also added MySQL
    support and investigate running it under Apache.


    His take on things was that, rather than continuing to
    develop that process as a solo venture, it made more
    sense to build on the systems offered at:

    Apparently they offer a Java-based candidate that utilizes
    servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs) to build Web portals.
    (JSP is a sort of easily-constructed servlet that you write
    by creating something more akin to an HTML document than a
    Java program.)

    From their site:
    "A toolbox of high quality Java Servlet Components with
    source code.

    "Javacorporate offers a collection of free and commercial Java
    servlet based products - ALL with source code. Products are
    complemented with collaborative eServices and the advantage of
    community collaboration for the success of your corporate portal
    and web. Web professionals will find the software they need.
    Transforming your business to e-business at digital speed.

    "Open Source Servlets are licensed under an Apache Style license
    and can be freely used on your web site or in developing
    commercial products.

    "Our ePortal and eContent solutions integrate the concept of
    portal capabilities and business process integration. An extensible
    architecture for unifying & organizing access to disparate
    enterprise data sources - for strategic advantage.

    ePortal and eContent are an enterprise information solution
    structured on a foundation of open source technologies. It
    enables customers to improve their web presence, build corporate
    portals, enterprise information systems....

    "Commercial Source Servlets are priced very reasonably under an
    annual Subscription license which includes source code,
    collaborative eServices, premium support and source updates. See
    the Sales pricing for more information. We think you'll be

    I haven't done a full scale investigation, but under the heading
    of "hackability", this one is liable to receive high marks.
    (To be determined: How much WebLog-style functionality is already
    there, or would have to be added.)

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