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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 21:37:50 PDT

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    Jon Winters wrote:
    > As much as I love Slashdot I must
    > admit that I check it once or twice a day and rarely reply to the
    > stories. I'll submit news about once a month. OTOH I have spent a
    > great deal of time reading almost every email on this list and I
    > contribute almost every day. (often more than once per day)
    That is a fundamental observation. In general, eMail is the right
    interface -- because it is central to my daily activities, because
    information comes to me instead of having to go searching for it, and
    because the threading helps me organize things effectively.

    What it is missing is Slashdot functionality (wrt evaluations and the
    capacity to ignore threads), editability, and Traction functionality
    (wrt categories).

    Both systems are missing a good sense of hierarchy and view control.
    Which is where we stand to make a serious contribution.

    But as Lee points out, a Zope/Squishdot system presents a lot of room
    for hacking. *Especially* if we use some sort of Gnutella-enabled
    "eMail" app,
    so that additions and changes we make are broadcast either directly to
    others, or perhaps sent to the server, where they are rebroadcast
    (possibly after transcoding to replace user-specific node IDs with
    global system IDs).

    So we might be able to make such a system behave like email. Even if it
    takes a separate "email" app for now, it would still have the proper

    And Squishdot, being Squeak/Smalltalk based, strikes me as potentially
    *very* hackable...

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