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From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 13:40:07 PDT

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    > ...the objective is developing knowledge by collaborative cooperation.
    > thing the DKR/OHS must give us is a simpler way
    > for one or a group to take all those last 30+ messages, glean the
    > important parts, organize and consolidate these important parts, then
    > republish the refinement to those who wish to study the topic outside
    > the relative chaos of an e-mail type system. The new item includes
    > references to all the previous items so that someone could go back to
    > verify proper extraction, but most importantly, maintain the link with
    > underlying facts or assumptions in case they change, requiring a
    > change to the new node, This is how we can evolve knowledge about a
    > particular topic.
    Absolutely, 100% accurate statment of a least one need.
    Another need is for evaluations of at least some items,
    so that good things "float to the top" over time. But I
    have absolutely no disagreement with what you've said.
    In fact, I think it clearly describes one of the fundamental
    issues (with present systems) / design requirements (of proposed

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