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From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 08:29:41 PDT

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    From: John "sb" Werneken <>

    > I think few would criticize; everybody but me seems to hate Microsoft, for
    > less-than-best-of-breed products if for no other reason, but I must
    > what I have said before, there are some values to commonality: third party
    > development has a bigger market to write to, user learning is in some ways
    > easier, some of the operating system hooks / user space application
    > coordination happens well, and de facto monopolist imposed standards are
    > still standards.

    Perhaps the only aggrivation I experience with MS, aside from the blue
    screen of death and similar issues, is this. MS became the monopoly that it
    is by ponying off another monopoly, IBM. It is quite interesting to note
    that, in the past, our country has had greatly similar problems with IBM,
    and now we root for them to win. My complaint -- perhaps my only
    complaint -- is that MS didn't win the war by publishing a great API for
    which there could be suitable competition. Assuming you don't drive a Ford,
    you would not be driving the car you presently do had Henry played the game
    the way Bill now does. Bill made his by writing contracts with purveyors of
    products using his OS that eliminated competition. To me, it's really that


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