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From: John \ (johnwerneken@netzero.net)
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 23:09:52 PDT

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    Not to beat a dead topic, start a flame war, or go way off our topic. But
    how other succeeded applies not only to the excuses we all have for our own
    ideologies, but also to how OHS could succeed.

    Microsoft in my opinion got where they are by doing three things better than
    others did. And better than others do now:

    1. The concept of the application suite (and, later, the OS) gaining a
    semi-common user interface. F1 is help, the first drop-down is file, etc.
    Often honored in the breach in Microsoft products, the IDEA of building on
    the existing USER knowledge is a useful idea. And they still listen to their
    newbie users, when it seems no one else will.

    2. The concept of embrace, extend, engulf: it may have turned lots of
    would-be billionaires in to mere millionaires, but it has lead to a fairly
    capable and fairly user-friendly OS with a perhaps over-capable applications
    suite, all for the price of one good-old-days mainstream application: around
    $500. This caused the web as much as anything.

    3. The care, feeding, and management of third part developers. The VBA world
    for example.

    So they try to be accessible to ordinary people; comprehensive in what they
    deliver; and thrive by remaining valuable themselves to maybe a million or
    so more minor-league developers. Not bad concepts to emulate.

    Remember four years of good friends, bad clothes, explosive chemistry

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