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From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 07:05:44 PDT

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    (I must be crazy jumping in on this thread)

    Remember, it isn't consumers suing Microsoft. It is those companies that got
    in their way and became roadkill.

    Simply, Microsoft has done good things for the consumer while at the same
    time royally screwing their competition. The analogy to IBM in the 70's and
    80's is good. A mainframe standard was good for mainframe users. But it put
    the BUNCH effectively out of the mainframe business.

    Microsoft has a virtual monopoly. But look what they are doing with it. They
    are including more and more functionality in the base product. Disk
    compression, browser, hooks to MSN...(ok, 2 out of 3)... Good for the
    consumer. But by including everything, they reduce the value of their
    competition's products to nothing. No revenue, no competition.

    The one exception I can think of is what appears to me to be planned
    obsolescence through product bloat. If you are someone who has to have the
    latest and greatest, you end up paying the Wintel duopoloy again and again
    for the same thing. Need the latest MS Office? You will probably want Win98.
    Oh, and by the way, you'll also need to upgrade that Pentium-90 to a

    I use their products and I can live with Win95/Office 98/VC++ 4, so I think
    M$ is ok. But I am also a long time shareholder so I may be biased. $-)


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