Re: [unrev-II] Species survival & open source funding etc. (was Re: Intel's new XML network devices)

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 14:03:16 PDT

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    > To put it bluntly, if this effort is only for the enrichment of
    > Stanford and BI, we choose not to play. I suspect that there are
    > a number of people on this list who feel the same way.
    That's not going to happen. Doug is adamant that the project has
    to be open source. But *any* long-term business model has to have
    a revenue stream somewhere. The Stanford proposition is one way
    of doing that -- build an open-source technology that you can use
    in *some* way to make a product.

    For example, if the technology allows the creation of a knowledge
    repository, then one way to build on that technology is to sell a
    an oil-drilling knowledge base, or a metal refining knowledge base.
    Heck, maybe a fix-your-computer knowledge base.

    Not that any of those make any real sense. But hopefully you get
    the idea that there are some kinds of things that can be built
    *using* a tool that still allows the tool to be open source.

    Doug plans to make 110% sure that any such licensing arrangement
    will not interfere with the evolution of the system, and I trust
    him to watch out for that. What the projects are remain to be seen,
    but I am optimisitic that we will be able to work out something
    reasonable -- possibly even in timely fashion.

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