Re: [unrev-II] Species survival & open source funding etc. (was Re: Intel's new XML network devices)

From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 07:55:44 PDT

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    I believe it is a mistake to assume, at this time, that the "waterfall"
    methodology is dead for the OHS/DKR project. Extreme programming involves
    the equivalent of a Darwinian hack and slash approach, one that I do not
    favor in a project that is as complex and potentially important as this one.


    From: Eugene Eric Kim <>
    > 4. The waterfall model. Contrary to how it may currently look, the OHS
    > will not be developed under the waterfall model, which in my opinion
    > violates the notion of bootstrapping. We will hopefully follow more of an
    > extreme programming methodology, with a great emphasis on prototyping and
    > rapid development cycles. Fortunately, we already have a wonderful
    > prototype in the form of the Augment/NLS system.
    > As some of you may be aware, a group of us have been meeting regularly in
    > the Bay Area to plan and design the OHS. However anxious people may be to
    > see an initial release of code, let me emphasize that this first design
    > phase is an extremely important one. Our group consists of people of
    > disparate backgrounds and levels of experience, and it's important that we
    > all be on the same page both conceptually and technically before we can
    > start making intelligent technical and organizational decisions. Let me
    > reiterate, however, that this initial delay in releasing code is not
    > indicative of us following the waterfall model of software development.
    > -Eugene

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