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From: Gil Regev (gil.regev@epfl.ch)
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 08:32:44 PDT

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    I'd like to make a contribution that links 2 efforts that I see heading in
    the same general direction. I happen to be listening, and sometime
    contributing, to 2 lists directly inspired by Doug's work. Since I am
    sending this message to both lists, most of you will yawn while I explain
    the effort you're on. Please let me know if I mis-quote things.

    HyNIC is an effort headed by Michael Bieber from the New Jersey Institute of
    technology. Michael is heavilly engaged in the hypertext and digital
    libraries community. About a year ago, following a Bootstrap Alliance
    workshop at the university of Maryland, Michael launched an effort with the
    twin goals of rethinking the roles of digital libraries in general and the
    ACM DL in particular and transitioning the ACM SIGWEB community into a NIC.
    The project didn't take off as quickly as expected but in the last 2 months
    has been picking up speed with a meeting in early April where some
    requirements were identified and some architectural work done and a workshop
    scheduled during the ACM Hypertext/Digital Libraries 2000 Conference
    (Saturday, June 3, 2000 - San Antonio, Texas).
    for more info:

    Unrev II
    Following Doug's 10 session colloquium called the unfinished revolution II
    which took place at Stanford university earlier this year, a mailing list
    was built to continue the discussion during and after the colloquium. This
    discussion rapidly turned into an effort to create an OHS/DKR which will be
    open source and permit the tackling of truly complex issues. A weekly
    meeting is being held at SRI in Menlo Park, attended mostly by people living
    in the bay area. These meetings are beginning to produce a set of
    requirements and architectural guidelines for the OHS/DKR.
    for more info:

    I am convinced that an "ideal" digital library is not very different from an
    OHS/DKR and this is why I believe that both communities should communicate,
    and better, collaborate towards the creation of the future.


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