Re: [unrev-II] HTML materials for You to Read and Comment

Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 08:37:26 PDT

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    Hello All,

    From our discussion Thursday I have slighlty reorganized unrev-II
    materials on my site.

    Please start at:

    for a list of pages I have out there.

    The last thing I put up was Eric's latest version of his CDS (OHS)
    requirements at /DKR/ohs_cds.htm. Please look at this and let's start
    picking at details, both of Eric's fine work and preexisting OHS
    writings. If you see a paragraph or block of text you wish to comment
    upon, please post it to the list and we can discuss it.

    Eric, when you have changes, just post the changed text block and I will
    incorporate it into the html. You can see that this is very simple xhtml
    and I think much more convenient to edit than e-mail.

    The same goes for the DKR 'working' model (has been called 'Joe's
    picture') I have described in other pages.

    Doug, you asked about converting some printed pages to a digital file.
    At this point I suggest running them though some converter to get a
    basic digital file then sending the file to me for conversion to simple
    html. I have seen programs that do this but I don't have one myself.
    Probably ask a good admin assistant and she will have seen a program
    that lets you feed the pages into a scanner to produce an ASCII file
    that we can edit. I have done this before and it can work great if we
    have a scannable page.

    Thanks You and Best Regards,

    Alternative Interface Devices.
    Improve Accessibility and Utility of the WWW...

    Remember four years of good friends, bad clothes, explosive chemistry

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