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Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 17:00:01 PDT

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    Thanks, because that abiltiy to track information item flow in knowledge
    evolution is given to us by the DDOM concept. Through a system of event
    registration the DKR can notify decendent nodes of a change in the
    original item.

    Using the 'speed of light' example (a nearAndDear one to me since with
    more reseach this fact changes in value, resolution, attributes, and
    even concept, in critical documentation I have used) when the original
    document is brought into the DKR the author recognizes the importance of
    this element and tags it. By tag I mean after translation by the OHS,
    the OHS provides a way for the author to put a specific element of a
    document in a container that can be used by other documents. Now both
    the original (A) and the new (B) are sent to the DKR.

    The DKR now adds both documents to its node map. A, in its original form
    as a single node, and child B as a single node containing at least one
    special child, the speed of light information item.

    Now someone uses part of B to create C. Using the OHS, the author copies
    some portion of B containing the special item and pastes it into C. This
    operation must convey the special speed of light tag to C for creation
    of a persistent link back to B, and the OHS must establish a persistent
    notification in B that part of C is now dependent upon part of B.

    With this in place, if the item in B changes, then B' is created as a
    decendent of B, and C can be notified, Either the author of C can update
    C to C', or it might be done automatically. Whatever that outcome, when
    a new version is created, or part of an old is used in a new, the
    original state of the old is retained except for adding link(s) to the
    new document.

    When setting up some example like this I think it is important to
    recognize that the participants are working in a cooperative environment
    where the absolute tracability of any specific item will be set in a
    collaborative way. The best efforts appropriate for the goal will be
    made by the participants to organize and reuse information items.
    Essentially, contributors will be drawing the DKR node map by choosing
    relationship structures. The DKR contributes to these structures with
    alternative types of content mapping relating new content with
    preexisting DKR content and presenting the author/interactor with a maps
    showing linkages using the same or similar terms, atttributes and
    concepts and allow the author to examine content and add comments, and
    collaborate with other contributors.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

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