Re: [unrev-II] Current Proposals

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 18:28:39 PDT

  • Next message: John J. Deneen: "[unrev-II] FYI: Hyperbolic Tree, Table Lens, and Summarizer Demos by" wrote:
    > Now someone uses part of B to create C. Using the OHS, the author
    > copies
    > some portion of B containing the special item and pastes it into C.
    > This
    > operation must convey the special speed of light tag to C for creation
    > of a persistent link back to B, and the OHS must establish a
    > persistent
    > notification in B that part of C is now dependent upon part of B.
    Hmmm. That is somewhat different than I had envisioned, but it is
    a valid alternative. Will require tunneling through the use cases
    to know for sure which approach works best.

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