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Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 07:56:46 PDT

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    From: <>
    > When a document is brought into the DKR it is translated to DKR format
    > if necessary. The translation is only necessary if the original format
    > is not XML based - .doc or .txt, for instance. After that operation, the
    > original is saved for future reference, but it is 'dead' that is changes
    > to it cannot be tracked by the DKR except by human intervention.

    Joe, my view is that XML is far too large a term to apply here. For the DKR
    to work at all, specific XML namespaces must be used. Thus, translation is
    necessary only if the original format is not one of the specified

    A name given to a specific DTD or Schema. This name then defines the format
    and DOM of any document that can be validated against it. Document designers
    construct namespaces in order to provide uniformity in content such that
    computer programs (e.g. agents) can process the contained information.
    Document Type Definition. A particular kind of definition of a document, in
    which tag names are given names, for example:
    <!ELEMENT foo > results in the XML tag <foo> being legal with respect to
    the DTD that defines it.
    A document definition that is more complex than a DTD. <add more here>
    Document Object Model. A model to which an XML document conforms. By
    selecting a particular DOM for any given document, that document is made
    parsable by a computer program.

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