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From: John J. Deneen (JJDeneen@ricochet.net)
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 16:10:05 PDT

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    ... "Regulators take a long step toward legalizing a potentially radical
    new wireless technology that could ripple across industries from home
    networking to global positioning systems. However, the FCC is asking for
    a few more tests before it gives its final approval for the technology
    to be used. Those tests will be due to regulators by Oct. 30. Mr. Reed
    of the FCC's Office of Engineering & Technology (OET) said the process
    for final approval will likely stretch on at least until early next

       * http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1004-200-1857730.html?tag=st.ne.ron.lthd.ni


    Washington, DC -- Today, the Commission adopted a proposal to consider
    permitting the operation of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology on an
    unlicensed basis, which could have enormous benefits for public safety,
    consumers and businesses. UWB devices appear to be able to operate on
    spectrum already occupied by existing radio services without causing
    interference. It could permit scarce spectrum resources to be used more
    efficiently, a core responsibility of the Commission in its role as the
    nationís spectrum manager. ...

       * http://www.fcc.gov/Bureaus/Engineering_Technology/News_Releases/2000/nret0006.html

    After all, FCC Chairman Wm. Kennard on February 2, 1999 says:
    "Technology is no barrier; old thinking is."

       * http://www.jacksons.net/tac/Time%20Domain%20Corp%20%20White%20Paper%20on%20UWB%2016%20Sept%2099.pdf

    Berkeley Wireless Research Center
    2108 Allston Way, Suite 200
    Berkeley, CA 94704-1698

       * http://bwrc.eecs.berkeley.edu/Background/directions.htm

    attached mail follows:

    Here's the info on the workshop. Surprised you didn't know about it!

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    Robert J. Berger - Internet Bandwidth Development
    14510 Big Basin Way #253  Saratoga, CA 95070 
    Voice: 408-882-4755 Fax: 408-490-2868
    Email: rberger@ibd.com http://www.ibd.com

    attached mail follows:


    There will be a Workshop on Ultrawideband Communications on Wednesday, 17 May 2000 at the Berkeley Wireless Research Center in Berkeley, CA. The purpose of the meeting is to share and discuss current industry and university research in ultrawideband communications. My plan is for lots of interaction, especially between university and industry. A draft agenda is the following:

    Industry Speakers Bob Fleming - Aetherwire and Location, Inc. Paul Whittington - Time Domain, Inc Robert Aiello - Fantasma Networks, Inc BREAK Bob Fontana - MultiSpectral Systems, Inc. Ed Straub - GE CR&D Government Speakers Steve Gunderson - Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Pt. Hueneme Tom Rosenbury - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory LUNCH University Speakers Bob Scholtz - U. of Southern California Bob Broderson - UC-Berkeley Wayne Stark - U. of Michigan Doug Cummings - U. of Texas - Austin BREAK Georgios Giannakis - U. of Minnesota Keith Townsend - N.C. State University Larry Larson - UC-San Diego Open Discussion

    Each speaker will have 30 minutes. The workshop will start at 8:30 AM and end when people get tired. If I have named you as a speaker and you will not be able to make it please let me know ASAP. On the other hand, if we previously discussed that you would be giving a presentation and you do not see your name listed let me know ASAP. Also, if I have the right company but the wrong speaker please let me know.

    Logistical information (hotels, directions, etc.) can be found at http://bwrc.eecs.berkeley.edu/ under general information. There will be a ~$20 registration fee to be paid at the door to cover the breaks and lunch.

    Presenters can plan on having vugraph or electronic projection available. Please e-mail or bring a soft copy (floppy or zip disk) of your presentation so that I can put on my ftp site after the conference.

    Please confirm your attendance to myself and Tom Boot (tmb@bwrc.eecs.berkeley.edu) at BWRC so we can keep count of attendees for logistics purposes.

    I apologize for the late notification for this meeting. Thanks.


    FYI - Non-purposes of the meeting include marketing, advocating for a particular decision from the FCC on spectrum related issues, character assassination of competitors, anything related to lawyers, etc. - such discussions will result in "no soup" for the perpetrator :-)

    Dr. James A. Freebersyser Program Officer, Communications and Networks Office of Naval Research, Code 313 800 N. Quincy St. Arlington, VA 22217 E freebej@onr.navy.mil V (703) 696-0157 F (703) 696-1331 ftp://ftp.onr.navy.mil/PUB/freebej

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