Re: [unrev-II] Open Archives Initiative, including the Scholarly Link Spec. Framework & efirst XML

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 12:32:56 PDT

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    Another interesting reference:

    ... "efirst XML is specifically designed to allow journal articles to be
    optimized for presentation both on the Web and in print using a single
    storage format by supporting references to multiple graphic and
    multimedia files. It allows a journal to be built from databases by
    supporting multiple keys in elements such as <author.> It allows easy
    compatibility with HTML presentation formats through the use of
    HTML-style tables. Most importantly, efirst XML is designed from the
    ground up for XML it's not just a port of an SGML application. The
    efirst XML document type definition, or DTD, provides a level of
    validation that has previously required the complexity of SGML. The
    result is an archival-quality format compatible with inexpensive XML

    efirst XML has been used in the production of the two most recent
    volumes of the MRS Internet Journal of Nitride Semiconductor Research, a
    pure-internet journal published by the Materials Research Society with
    the assistance of Openly
    Informatics, Inc."

    "John J. Deneen" wrote:

    > An interesting reference:
    > "The Scholarly Link Specification (S-Link-S) Framework is designed to
    > facilitate inter-publisher reference linking. Until now, a publisher
    > wanting to link references from another publisher had to first work
    > out a linking agreement, then work out a method to interchange linking
    > data, and finally have programmers implement the links. S-Link-S
    > streamlines this process by providing a well-defined syntax and
    > vocabulary for the exchange of the necessary information. A publisher
    > can then implement reference linking for a large number of publishers
    > using a single software module."
    > Jack Park wrote:
    >> from a companion paper at
    >> dlib

           The Open Archives initiative (OAi) promotes and encourages
           the development of author self-archiving solutions (also
           commonly called e-print systems) through the development of
           technical mechanisms and organizational structures to
           support interoperability of e-print archives. Such
           interoperability can stimulate the transition of e-print
           systems into genuine building blocks of a transformed
           scholarly communication model. This paper describes the
           Santa Fe Convention of the OAi. This is a set of relatively
           simple but potentially quite powerful interoperability
           agreements that facilitate the creation of mediator
           services. These services combine and process information
           from individual archives and offer increased functionality
           to support discovery, presentation and analysis of data
           originating from compliant archives."
    >> The paper leads to a protocol for linking "SFX" which can be found
    >> at:"This
    >> is the third part of our papers about reference linking in a hybrid
    >> library environment. The first part described the state-of-the-art
    >> of reference linking and contrasted various approaches to the
    >> problem. It identified static and dynamic linking solutions, open
    >> and closed linking frameworks as well as just-in-case and
    >> just-in-time linking. The second part introduced SFX, a dynamic,
    >> just-in-time linking solution we built for our own purposes.
    >> However, we suggested that the underlying concepts were sufficiently
    >> generic to be applied in a wide range of digital libraries. "
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