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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 16:11:51 PDT

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    Here, from a post by Frode of Feb. 27:

    From: "Frode Hegland" <>

    Version 3 is now up of the proposed site, complete with the 'How
    to Join' link.

    Please have a look and comment:

    Considering that this is intended as a meta site with links to information
    elsewhere, this might be a good time to formally suggest what should be
    under the different headings.

    I particular, the resource section. I have seen so many links to great sites
    float by in the mailing list. Does anyone want to take it upon him or
    herself to gather together a great page of indexed links relevant to

    [end quoted message]

    I am not speaking for the Bootstrap Institute, just privately, but I believe
    Doug is favorably inclined to Frode's idea. He has provided us with an
    official URL for the site he proposes. Note that especially the stuff I
    mentioned under "item 2" would fall right into place, i.e. "(2) material
    other than strictly emanating from Doug that also bears on the area of
    knowledge management; on information selection and evaluation, etc.". In
    fact, it may well become the strong suit and thereby the focal point of
    Frode's web publication.

    But I must let Frode speak for himself ...

    Henry wrote:

    > Hi Henry,
    > Getting the proceedings in good form is very important and will help
    > everyone. I must have missed a post of Frode's site. Where is it?
    > Thanks,
    > Joe
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