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Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 13:06:01 PDT

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    It turns out that Argo sprang from GEF. GEF was originally built during a Ph.D. project that needed the ability to demonstrate on-line critics as an aid to the design process, so Argo was started to give GEF something to do.

    I have been using Argo for some time now. It's by no means as powerful as Together/J Whiteboard (the free version), but it does save your diagrams as a gif file, it saves the design to an XMI file that can be read by other programs, and it does generate Java code from your diagrams. Soon, it will do a lot of other UML things, like sequence diagrams and so forth. In the very long run, something along the lines of Argo ought to be in the OHS suite of tools.
      From: Bill Bearden
      I ran across a review of ArgoUML, an open source Unified Modeling Language tool. The review pointed to the ArgoUML site. The review was fairly positive. While ArgoUML is immature compared to its commercial counterparts, the review claims it has "cognitive support features" not found elsewhere. ArgoUML supports Class, Collaboration and Use Case diagrams.
      The review led me to the site. The ArgoUML project is hosted by
     also hosts other open source projects: Helm, Joist, Scarab and GEF. It reminds me a little of the "better tools" focus of Software Carpentry which has been mentioned on this forum.
      Helm is a project to consistently webify the administration interfaces to open source development tools such as CVS, bug tracking, mailing lists, project management, etc... This might be just an attempt at making projects easier to administer.

      Joist is the Java Open Infrastructure of Servlets and Templates. It is a Java Servlet based framework for delivering dynamic content. The goal is to make writing servlets a little quicker. They have supposedly integrated the WebMacro template engine to ease the creation of the dynamic HTML.
      Scarab is a bug tracker. This project has just started.
      GEF is the Java Library for Connected Graph Editors. It looks like they are trying to separate and generalize the diagramming code in ArgoUML.

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