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From: Eugene Eric Kim (eekim@eekim.com)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 23:56:51 PDT

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    One of the items on the agenda was coming up with a summary paragraph to
    help Pat Lincoln make his proposals to various government agencies. He
    asked for two brief paragraphs: a summary of the project, and a short
    description of our "first step."

    The summary is something that Eric and Adam have tackled before on this
    list; there is also a summary on the Bootstrap Institute web
    site. According to Pat, none of these are that applicable to his
    audience, which are government people. Unfortunately, Pat had to leave
    early, so we didn't have a chance to dissect some of these earlier
    attempts and come up with a more applicable paragraph.

    I extracted the previous attempts, and put them on my web site at:


    Please take a look, and feel free to make comments and take a shot at
    coming up with a better summary paragraph. I'd especially like to hear
    feedback from people who have experience making government proposals.

    The second paragraph is something we talked about extensively at today's
    meeting; more details will be available when the minutes come out.


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