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Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 09:08:24 PDT

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    Hi All, How about this for a one paragragh shot?

    The Dynamic Knowledge Repository has a simple goal. Provide a set of
    users with the best possible process to accumulate, create, and use
    knowledge content that helps themselves and others comprehend and
    respond to a problem or achieve a goal. The details of this process
    involve defining and implementing fuctionality of the repository
    interface with users and management of an evolving set of interrelated
    shared hyperdocuments. For purpose of discussion, this project is
    considered in two parts: The Dynamic Knowledge Repository, a local or
    distributed knowledge domain, and the Open Hypedocument System, a local
    interface to interact with a DKR. Together the DKR and OHS provide a
    unique example of human systems/tool systems co-evolution, helping us
    cope with with urent problems on a Global as well as Personal scale.
    Doug Englebart's vision of improving the capacity to address knowledge
    management applications is manifested as a fundamental design element of
    this project. The Open Souce character of the core design provides
    interoperabliltiy with existing and forseeable WWW technology, and
    direct support from SRI makes it easy to contribute funds or resources
    to this project.

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