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Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 09:30:44 PDT

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    First Step:

    Doug took the first steps in this phase of the project by attracting
    world experts to a series of 10 sessions, led by Doug, held at Staford
    University in early 2000, In general thet were invited to share comments
    upon the general state of human system/ tool system co-evoution and to
    suggest ideas and visions of the past and future of computer and related
    technologies. As these sessions progressed other contributions from the
    local and world-wide audience was accumulated, and following these
    sessions, SRI has sponsored a weekly, two hour meeting of interested
    parties, chaired by Doug to explore how this experience can help the
    human tasks of coping with complex problems. Out of these experiences
    has come a sweeping, human-oriented design for a tool and a process for
    knowledge management. This design is presented at...

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