[unrev-II] Requirements v.0.8 (chgs)

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 20:32:54 PDT

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    This minor addition to the requirements doc merely states the
    obvious, on the theory that stating the obvious is a good thing
    in a specification. (On the other hand, an interesting design
    implication came out of thinking through the obvious. That note is also
    captured here.)

    With this "change-model" of specification-revisions, *you*
    (the recipient) are playing the role of the DKR/OHS system,
    as currently envisioned. (Or Joe is, at least, if he is updating his
    online HTML document.) Given the kind of DDOM that
    Lee Iverson proposes, the original version of the document
    would already be on your system. What comes over the network
    is the changes to the document (as well as comments added to
    it, etc.) The DKR/OHS will automatically merge those
    changes into the existing version of the document, highlighting
    them as "new" until you have cleared those markings.

    Make the following changes to version 0.7 of the document to
    produce 0.8:

    1. Under "Change History" add "0.8 - Added "Quotable" section

    2. In the General Characteristics section, insert "Quotable"
        before "Accelerative".

    3. Append the following text to the end of the "Categorizable"
    To summarize, then, the requirements for the proper handling
    of categories, are:
      * Creatable (add new categories)
      * Hierarchical (catA:catB)
      * Assignable (node <--> catA)
      * Removable (node <-/-> catA)
      * Changeable (catA --> catB, selected subset of nodes changes)
      * Auditable (audit trail)
      * Searchable (to find all nodes of given type(s))

    4. Add the following text before the "Accelerative" section:
    In addition to being able to add commentary to existing
    documents, the user must be able to easily quote from
    existing documents when creating new ones.

    Internally, the quotations will appear as a link (for
    example, using the w3c XInclude specification). But the
    quoted material will appear "inline" in the new document.
    The link, in this case, will be a "hard link".
    That is, when newer versions of the text are created,
    the link will not point to them, but will instead point
    to the original version. The fact that newer versions
    exist, however, will be reflected in the display
    (explained next).

    When displayed, quoted material will be automatically
    attributed, and followed by a link to the original source
    node, in its original context. If that material has changed,
    that link will be flagged as "older", and a link to the
    newer version will also be presented. (The document's
    author(s) will then have the option of using the newer
    version in place of the original.)

    Design Note:
    If the system is truly a network (a node can exist in multiple
    contexts), then the pointer must point not
    only to the node, but also to it's parent context, so that
    the link goes to the document the node was quoted from. On
    the other hand, if the system is not really a network (but
    only appears to be one through the action of inclusion
    operations like quoting, then the system must be prepared to
    handle "pointers to pointers". In other words, if the node
    appeared in document A, and it was quoted in document B, then
    when constructing Document C, quoting the same text from
    document B will construct a link (pointer) in C to the pointer
    (virtual node?) in B that points to A. The "context" of the
    node, in that case, must be B, and not A.

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