[unrev-II] Requirements v.0.8 (chgs), Questions

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 20:06:06 PDT

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    Please see my letter on v0.8 and data structures.....


    Glad to see we are moving toward a linkable environment; opens up a lot of
    opportunity to save time and money.



    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > This minor addition to the requirements doc merely states the
    > obvious, on the theory that stating the obvious is a good thing
    > in a specification. (On the other hand, an interesting design
    > implication came out of thinking through the obvious. That note is also
    > captured here.)
    > Note:
    > With this "change-model" of specification-revisions, *you*
    > (the recipient) are playing the role of the DKR/OHS system,
    > as currently envisioned. (Or Joe is, at least, if he is updating his
    > online HTML document.) Given the kind of DDOM that
    > Lee Iverson proposes, the original version of the document
    > would already be on your system. What comes over the network
    > is the changes to the document (as well as comments added to
    > it, etc.) The DKR/OHS will automatically merge those
    > changes into the existing version of the document, highlighting
    > them as "new" until you have cleared those markings.
    > Make the following changes to version 0.7 of the document to
    > produce 0.8:
    > 1. Under "Change History" add "0.8 - Added "Quotable" section
    > 2. In the General Characteristics section, insert "Quotable"
    > before "Accelerative".
    > 3. Append the following text to the end of the "Categorizable"
    > section:
    > ===================================================
    > To summarize, then, the requirements for the proper handling
    > of categories, are:
    > * Creatable (add new categories)
    > * Hierarchical (catA:catB)
    > * Assignable (node <--> catA)
    > * Removable (node <-/-> catA)
    > * Changeable (catA --> catB, selected subset of nodes changes)
    > * Auditable (audit trail)
    > * Searchable (to find all nodes of given type(s))
    > ===================================================
    > 4. Add the following text before the "Accelerative" section:
    > ===================================================
    > Quotable
    > --------
    > In addition to being able to add commentary to existing
    > documents, the user must be able to easily quote from
    > existing documents when creating new ones.
    > Internally, the quotations will appear as a link (for
    > example, using the w3c XInclude specification). But the
    > quoted material will appear "inline" in the new document.
    > The link, in this case, will be a "hard link".
    > That is, when newer versions of the text are created,
    > the link will not point to them, but will instead point
    > to the original version. The fact that newer versions
    > exist, however, will be reflected in the display
    > (explained next).
    > When displayed, quoted material will be automatically
    > attributed, and followed by a link to the original source
    > node, in its original context. If that material has changed,
    > that link will be flagged as "older", and a link to the
    > newer version will also be presented. (The document's
    > author(s) will then have the option of using the newer
    > version in place of the original.)
    > Design Note:
    > If the system is truly a network (a node can exist in multiple
    > contexts), then the pointer must point not
    > only to the node, but also to it's parent context, so that
    > the link goes to the document the node was quoted from. On
    > the other hand, if the system is not really a network (but
    > only appears to be one through the action of inclusion
    > operations like quoting, then the system must be prepared to
    > handle "pointers to pointers". In other words, if the node
    > appeared in document A, and it was quoted in document B, then
    > when constructing Document C, quoting the same text from
    > document B will construct a link (pointer) in C to the pointer
    > (virtual node?) in B that points to A. The "context" of the
    > node, in that case, must be B, and not A.
    > ========================================================
    > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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