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From: Yee Su Ling (yeemailbox@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 20:49:28 PDT

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    This is good, I think we are getting there. I too like what Warren

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    > Another take on the "big picture" summary:
    > The goal of the project is to create a man/machine symbiosis that

    I don't think it's a good idea to leave out half the population. It's
    so easy to add "hu", I'm beginning to wonder why it isn't. I've seen
    and heard this omission so many times now here and during the
    colloquium, I'm stunned. \ Su-Ling

    > augments human thinking in ways that increase our ability to
    > collaboratively investigate and solve complex problems. Such
    > include the impending energy crisis, as well as the prospect of
    > "runaway" technological threats stemming from genetic engineering,
    > biotechnology, or nanotechnology -- either intentionally or
    > inadvertently. Less urgent, but equally complex problems targeted
    > by the system include deliberations over fiscal policy,
    > and the design of future knowledge management systems. To support
    > these goals, the system will support rapid authoring and
    > It will be easily searched, promote unprecedented levels of
    > organization, evaluation, and reuse, and it will allow for the
    > development of next-generation systems that perform some forms of
    > automated reasoning. Above all, it's major goal is to assist us in
    > dealing with very high levels of complexity, both individually and
    > collectively.

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