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From: John \ (johnwerneken@netzero.net)
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 21:59:36 PDT

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    As to this, what is the current "Senator-friendly" statement? My copy of
    this list comes as a newsletter, without attachments. I thought that the
    last version appearing under your name captured the project quite well. But
    I do think maybe it is about twice as long as would be best, if actual
    Senators are intended to read it.

    As to that, I agree that there is a lot of self-destructive behavior out
    there, including what people choose to consume and that at least some of
    this behavior affects others or the society as a whole or the environment.
    Doubtless every one of us has a pet list of things we'd rather others didn't

    I don't buy the argument that other people are dummies or that the
    government could know better than they about their situation, or that the
    government would be in the right to start telling us what to do.

    Morality is an individual attribute and IMNSHO moral education should be
    conducted by individuals, with other individuals and not by the State.

    Jack quoted a good one, to the affect that government or the State is just
    another business. Yes it is, but a fundamentally different one. The State by
    definition brooks no competition and is willing and able to enforce
    consumption of its chosen goods and services by military force. So I think
    it reasonable to question severely each proposal that would give the State
    more to do, or more power with which to do it.

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