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From: Paul Fernhout (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 19:35:37 PDT

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    Lee Iverson wrote:
    > I've set up an OHS ZWiki on the Bootstrap Web Server
    > I've loaded Joe's Glossary, Eric's Requirements and Eugene's Use
    > Cases and done a first pass at breaking them down into smaller
    > pieces. These should be done further, especially the Requirements.
    > Anybody, and I mean anybody, can edit these pages, add new pages, add
    > comments etc. I've started a document describing community standards
    > for operating within the ZWiki. Please feel free to differ with me or
    > extend them.
    > Remember, this is a very crude tool, but will hopefully allow us to be
    > a little more focused than is possible with EMail.

    Lee -

    Great job!

    Since you've made something "official" public with Zope for the
    Colloquium/BI, I plan on retiring the Zope server I had set up for the
    Colloquium in January (which has been costing me $50 a month to
    User: UnregisteredUser
    Password: unrevii

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