Re: [unrev-II] OHS ZWiki at Bootstrap

From: Rod Welch (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 19:31:33 PDT

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    Good to see progress with ZWiki. The initial rendering shows a lot of
    potential, as you have been reporting.

    To experiment, I started to put Eric's Atomic Data Structures, submitted
    separately from v0.8, as reported on 000605...,

    ...into the section for Data Structures in your new ZWiki environment. This
    aligned with incorporating the same material in my set of Eric's spec's, per his
    instruction in a letter, also, on 000605....

    ...stating that each team member is playing the role of DKR/OHS system.

    Decided to pull back because my feeling is that if anyone can simply put
    anything they feel might go here or there, we would have a mess, akin to
    allowing anyone to modify the design of your car or your house. Not sure I
    would want to take that car out for a spin, or trust the roof in a house
    constructed by such a method. The point I am leading toward is responsibility
    and accountability. We have been discussing Eric's requirements in meetings and
    correspondence, and then Eric has exercised professional judgment in assessing
    the record, and deciding what to add and remove from the requirements.

    Sometimes a better design emerges if assessments are done collaboratively,
    analysis of pros and cons are entered in the record with attribution, and then
    judgments are made based on the record. Since, the DKR project has not had time
    to follow that procedure, Eric has done an outstanding job in the absence of
    such support.

    Perhaps there is a place in the DKR for ZWiki allowing anyone to amend a
    knowledge resource, but product specs is not it. Therefore, recommend a
    procedure whereby we continue to discuss through email or the pending Zope
    methods, and that requirements, glossary, use cases, or whatever, be assigned to
    individuals and teams, who have sole responsibility to publish project work
    product, subject to review and approval of DKR management, as it eventually
    develops. Such assignments should be made in writing, going back to Eugene's
    presentation on 000330 explaining good practice for governance.

    A powerful use of ZWiki, or any accessible web site, is to have a systematic way
    to put anchors in the record, so that requirements, definitions, use cases,
    etc., can be easily cited in communications and related work product. This
    builds a common culture by allowing everyone to work from common resources. The
    more people rely on the record, the more valuable it becomes, and this builds
    interest in wanting to influence its content. Such influence, however, needs
    careful management.

    Just some thoughts.



    Lee Iverson wrote:
    > I've set up an OHS ZWiki on the Bootstrap Web Server
    > I've loaded Joe's Glossary, Eric's Requirements and Eugene's Use
    > Cases and done a first pass at breaking them down into smaller
    > pieces. These should be done further, especially the Requirements.
    > Anybody, and I mean anybody, can edit these pages, add new pages, add
    > comments etc. I've started a document describing community standards
    > for operating within the ZWiki. Please feel free to differ with me or
    > extend them.
    > Remember, this is a very crude tool, but will hopefully allow us to be
    > a little more focused than is possible with EMail.
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