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    "As I See It" Article Series
    Summary and Wrap Up

    JavaOne '00: Day One
      * Java Design Patterns
      * Performance Tips
      * Servlets and JSP pages
      * Exciting New Collaboration Option from the Show Floor

    JavaOne '00: Day Two
     * The Impending Microsoft Breakup
     * Create Online Tutorials Easily, and Serve them Free
     * More Servlet/JSP Tidbits
     * Clues that Java has Arrived

    JavaOne '00: Day Three
      * New Layout Manager: GuideLayout
      * Fast XML processing with Adelard, Sun's Data Binding API
      * Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) in Under 3 Minutes
      * Jasper, Tomcat at Jakarta: Sun's JSP/servlet engines

    JavaOne '00: Day Four
      * Customize Your Browswer with Java Pluglets
      * Upcoming Goodies in JFC/Swing
      * J2EE Design Patterns
      * Miscellaneous Sightings
        --From whiteboard to computer screen
        --Snazzy sign
        --Great band
        --Streaming Media
        --Servlet Programming
        --Smart cards rule!

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