[unrev-II] Review of NLS Video

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 14:04:23 PDT

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    I've posted a review of Doug Englebart's 1968 NLS video

    If you've been wondering what NLS/Augment was all about,
    the review is a fairly good place to strat. We can also
    mine it for requirements. In particular, there are features
    of NLS that we *don't* plan to implement anytime soon, and
    we need to be clear about that. (It is interesting, I
    think, that a system constructed in 1968 has features that
    will be too difficult to implement for a while yet...)

      After we clean it up, we should consider getting it
      published as an article. At the very least, it can
      live at the bootstrap site as a review of the very
      first system...

      If someone can extract some pictures from the video,
      I can include them in the article.

      Pictures needed:
        --control console
        --video cameras and CRTs
        --young Englebart
        --young Rulifson (hee hee)
        --sequence of 2 oe 3 "concept map" diagrams
        --screen with inline video (and name of who it was)

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